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Best gaming mouse under $50

If you haven’t purchased a gaming mouse before or are planning to purchase a gaming mouse for a better gaming experience. Are you like that? So hold on here; we have selected some best gaming mice for you in your budget, which is less than $50. We all know that Finding the perfect mouse isn’t an easy task, especially for those new to the computer gaming world. Various factors make a mouse perfect. Those factors are weight, ergonomic design, the mouse’s sensor, wired or wireless, number and positions of buttons, how programmable or open to customization it is, and its lighting. There is no direct connection of this lightning with the mouse performance, but this lightning adds a premium and eye-catchy look to your mouse.

In the Present time, the mouse marketplace is flooded with more than 100 manufacturers claiming to provide high-quality performance and experience. But under $50 there are only a few top performer brands are in markets that provide true gaming experience, and on that we can believe.

Here at Computer nano, we analyze more than 50 mice and select only some to help you buy good items while wasting your crucial time on the internet. 

So let’s start looking into the best gaming mouse under $50 from the top performer brands in 2021.

Below Best gaming mouse under $50 is Reviewed

Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk v2 gaming mouse is on the top position in our recommendation because it comes with Excellent tracking, Ergonomic design, and Plenty of customization options. 

The Basilisk V2 gaming mouse is compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 app, where you can control its sensitivity to anywhere from 100 to 20,000 CPI. Also, using the Razer Synapse 3 app, you can configure the polling rate, which can be set to 125, 500, or 1,000 MHz.

Razer Basilisk v2 is designed for a right-handed person with a matte palm rest and stippled thumb rest with a textured scroll wheel.

Moreover, this Wired Gaming mouse is combined with Focus plus Optical Sensor 20K DPI to give better accuracy and tracking capabilities. It also has dedicated programmable DPI buttons for gaming purposes.

· Its 3x Faster Mechanical Switches use light beam-based actuation, which means it captures button presses at the speed of light for absolute control and complete immersion. 

· You will also get Fully Customizable Chroma RGB Color that supports 16.8 million, and it has 11 Programmable Buttons which Allows you to register and perform complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3


  • This Gaming mouse has 2.96 x 5.12 x 1.67 inches dimensions and 3.3 ounces (93.55g) weight.
  • It comes with USB Connectivity Technology
  • It has Focus plus Optical Sensor with 20K DPI 
  • 11 Programmable Buttons 
  • light beam-based 3x Faster Mechanical Switches  

ROCCAT Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse

There are many excellent features packed in this mouse: five lighting Zones, 24 button functions, Roccat owl-eye sensor, grippy, durable, and dirt-resistant.

In addition, to provide a beautiful lighting experience, it has RGBA backlighting and LED lighting effects and 5 independently configurable lighting zones. ROCCAT Kone AIMO has quality components like Owl-Eye optical sensor with 16,000dpi to give you sharp accuracy and tracking capabilities despite the lower price. Along with that, it is designed in Iconic Shape with exceptional ergonomics to fit your hand. This all in combined to provide to lag-free and high-quality gaming experience.

Moreover, It has Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator technology for 24 possible functions.

It offers a comfortable, grippy design, a top Owl-Eye optical sensor, and a durable and dirt-resistant coating that’s soft to the touch. Build quality too. And for a soft touch and improve durability, it comes with a dirt-resistant coating.


  • This Gaming mouse has 4.92 x 3.35 x 1.57 inches dimensions and 4.6 ounces/130 Grams weight.
  • It comes with USB Connectivity Technology
  • It has Owl-Eye optical sensor with 16,000dpi
  • Easy-Shift[+] button features for 24 functions
  • Iconic Shape Design with dirt-resistant coating

CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Wireless

CORSAIR Harpoon can also be a good choice under budget for your better gaming experience. Basically, this is a wireless mouse that is built on sub-1ms Slipstream Corsair Wireless Technology which you can connect with low latency Bluetooth or USB wired.

This mouse has very lightweight, just 99 grams so that you can hold and use it for a long time without any hand pain and fatigue. Also, this mouse is one of the best corsair mice.

To use this Corsair harpoon, you need not do any complex setup. You just plug the mouse wireless adaptor into a USB Port of the computer, turn on the mouse and start using.

Along with unique features, this mouse has also focused on hand comfort. To fulfill that it has Contoured shape and Rubber side grips that support you for long-term use. This is a wireless mouse with a rechargeable battery. The interesting fact is you can use this mouse in both wireless and wired mode. And about battery, It gives you 60 hours of battery life so that you can play and enjoy your game without any interruption.

Moreover, it has 6 fully programmable buttons and ultra-durable Omron switches, which end up to 50 million clicks, and for high accuracy and tracking ability it has 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor.

And if you are using Xbox, then greeting for you that this mouse is compatible with Xbox.


  • This Gaming mouse has 4.55 x 2.69 x 1.59 inches dimensions and 3.52 ounces weight.
  • It comes with USB Connectivity Technology
  • It has Ultra Durable Omron Switches with 10,000dpi
  • 6 fully programmable buttons 
  • Contoured shape and Rubber side grips
  • More than 50 million clicks durability and with high accuracy
  • Wireless mouse with rechargeable battery

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2 is the improved version of Deathadder Elite and one of the best mice that has improved optical sensors, a smoother scroll wheel and more durable left and right mouse buttons. You can buy this mouse for your better gaming experience without any second thought.

· This mouse contains 20K DPI Optical Sensor, which has Auto-calibrates feature on the mouse mat to reduce cursor drift. And its Optical Switches give you 3x Faster experience with 70M Click Durability. Moreover, its Optical Switches use light beam-based actuation to provide a faster experience on click at the speed of light.

V2’s sensor is accurate, snappy, and smooth, and also you can even use it on your desk without a mouse mat. This is because it has new PTFE mouse feet that allow gliding over any surface.


Along with functionality, this mouse has also focused on its light system to provide a beautiful looking. In Light system, it has an Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting system that supports 16.8 million colors that can sync with gameplay.

In addition to its features, it also has 8 Programmable Buttons and Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance.


  • This Gaming mouse has 4 2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches dimensions and 82g | 2.9ozweight.
  • It comes with USB Connectivity Technology
  • It has Focus + Optical Sensor with 20,000 dpi
  • 8 fully programmable buttons 
  • PTFE mouse feet that to glid over any surface 
  • More than 70 million clicks durability and with high accuracy
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting system

Logitech G305 LIGHS TPEED Wireless 

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless mouse is also a good mouse for the gaming experience. This mouse is available in various attractive colors, matte black, white, lilac, or blue, with a sleek and straightforward design.

It has a relatively small body with a classic look, but a little disappointing here is there is no RGB zones means no lightning system. But if you focus on the build quality, this mouse will surely win on its build quality. It is built with solid plastic without any loose or wobbly parts that give you a premium feel on this $50 budget. 

As we have already seen, it has some small sizes, so it may not be much comfortable for large and extra-large hand people, but this mouse is best for people with small or medium hands with a palm grip. Larger.

Moreover, if we talk about its technical part, it has a 12,000 DPI HERO optical sensor that delivers unrivaled gaming performance with high accuracy and power efficiency. As we know, this watch is wireless, so we need a single AA battery which long lasts upto 250 hrs on continuous gaming. And for better response on the click, it has an Advanced Lightspeed wireless system that gives you super-fast 1 ms response time faster than a wired mouse.


  • This Gaming mouse has 2.45 x 1.5 x 4.6 inches dimensions and 103 g weight.
  • It comes with USB Connectivity Technology
  • It has a HERO optical sensor with 12,000 DPI 
  • Required only 1 AA battery that goes upto 250 hrs
  • PTFE feet that can glide on the mouse pad and without a mouse pad

Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 HERO also the best option in a wired gaming mouse which comes with programmable buttons, a wide, customizable CPI range, and low click latency.

It has Very well-built with a mix of matte and glossy black plastic and latex to provide a premium look to this mouse. Also, it has two RGB zones in which one on the logo and another is for the CPI indicator. This G502 mouse is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS. This mouse is a good option for those with a larger hand because it will be challenging to reach the sniper button or CPI-up button with a fingertip grip for smaller hands.

· Logitech G502 HERO has HERO 25K  Sensor model with  Optical (LED) Sensor technology. And about buttons, it has Total Number of 12 Buttons and 3 Side Buttons, which have 21 Programmable Inputs. It provides you an Adjustable weight system to arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights for personalized.


  • This Gaming mouse has 1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches dimensions and 170 g weight with wire.
  • It has a HERO optical sensor with a 25K DPI 
  • It has a total Number of 12 Buttons.
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS
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