How to use a laptop as a monitor for ps4

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how to use laptop as monitor for ps4

We are in the generation where we have solutions for every problem, either the problem is related to converting a device or utilizing the same as it is. One can consider the How to use laptop as a monitor for PS4 question going on viral around. If you also wish to know about it, you are on the right page because we are exploring how using a laptop as a monitor for PS4 will be an easy thing for you. We suggest you stay tuned with us until the last because you will have an encounter with the best methods that can make the task completion hassle-free.

Method 1: Connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI

The primary method we consider for converting laptop up as monitor for PS4 is with the help of HDMI. You need to utilize the remote play streaming service available by Sony. This is the special service developed for PS4 by Sony to enjoy gaming on the preferred computer setup available with them. But a setup environment must be complete. If the same is not complete, then things will not as a user expected.

Components required for a perfect set up are as follows

  • PC
  • Internet
  • USB cable
  • Ps4 console
  • Ps4 account

After the component requirement is fulfilled, the steps are as follows for the set up

  1. At the very first, you will need to download the Remote Play application to the computer from the official website of Sony.
  2. After complete download, install it and turn on the console.
  3. Move to the settings.
  4. Select PlayStation Network and hit on the account management option.
  5. From there, the active as primary PS4 option is available. Select the same.
  6. Now look forward to system software update and update the software in case it is not updated.
  7. Again go through the settings and hit on remote Play connection settings. Enable it and keep the console on.
  8. We suggest you put it on rest mode so that using a remote play on your PC will be easy.
  9. In rest mode, set up the features.
  10. After setting up the features, turn on PS4 from the network.
  11. Open the remote Play you earlier downloaded and then move to the settings in the same.
  12. Adjust the settings regarding resolution and experience as per the screen is specifications so that you can have ultimate gameplay.
  13. I look forward to the specifications of the graphics as well so that they can easily run with your desktop.
  14. Connect the controller to the desktop and hold the share button and PlayStation button simultaneously for a while on your computer.
  15. The controller will start blinking, and after a blink, it gets connected to the computer through a USB cable.
  16. It requires up to 7 seconds.
  17. Now open the Remote Play Sony app on your PC and perform the login with the available credentials.
  18. Finally, with the help of an HDMI cable, the laptop can be used as a monitor for PS4.

How to resolve, if remote play is not working?

If the remote Play is not working, then there is nothing for you to worry about because solutions are there to fix it. The solutions are as follows:-

Check out the internet speed

Internet speed plays a big role. If a stable internet speed is not available, for user cannot utilize the remote play feature. The minimum internet connection speed required is 5 Mbps, and make sure it is not lower than that. You can also connect to the system will Wi-Fi and check out the internet speed. If still the glitch is happening, get in touch with ISP.

Adjust remote to settings on PS4

It is also essential to do the settings accordingly. If you are a beginner to it, you might be having access to out of the box settings, which is not right to consider. Optimum settings are required for utilizing it efficiently so pay attention to them and set them up accordingly.

Compatibility with the laptop

Compatibility with the laptop is also a matter of consideration. The system must be powerful enough that it supports the remote play feature. You need to check out the Minimum requirements so that it will be easy to find out whether the system available is compatible with the remote play feature or not.

Register PS4 on PC manually

Reducing PS4 on PC manually can also resolve the problem. We all know it attacks the computer or laptop automatically and starts game streaming right away. But sometimes it is not sufficient for catering to your needs. At that moment, you need to move to the settings and add a device to the PS4. Do the registration option and complete the setup.

Method 2: Connecting PS4 to laptop screen with the help of capture card

If you consider the remote play option to be a difficult one, we suggest utilizing the capture card. The capture card is also an effective method when you wish to convert a laptop as a monitor for PS4. You just need to utilize a capture card with HDMI and cheaper the components for complete setup in your mind.

Components for complete setup are as follows

  • Laptop
  • Dual function HDMI
  • Enable file sharing
  • PS4 console
  • Video capture card
  • Wireless internet connection

Step for utilizing it are as follows

  1. At the very first, get to the video capture card available, plugin it, and install it on the computer or laptop with the help of a USB port.
  2. S video connection cable can be used to connect the video capture card with PS4 console.
  3. After it establishes a connection between HDMI-in VCC and HDMI-out to the console
  4. Now turn on the PS4 console and run the video capture card software on the laptop.
  5. Make sure the counsel appear on the laptop screen. If it doesn’t appear, you need to repeat the steps.
  6. If the console has appeared, the connection is established, and you are ready to easily utilize the laptop as a monitor for PS4.

So what we have concluded                           

After going through these two methods, it is right to conclude that a laptop can easily be used as a monitor. Within a few minutes, all the problem has come to an end, and a user can easily utilize it and play and enjoy PS4 games on the desktop screen. The methods mentioned above, including video capture card and remote Play, are efficient enough and easy to attain. Just follow the right steps and get it done. If the issue persists, it is essential to check out the basic requirements and repeat the procedure.


Is it possible for me to make HDMI input on my laptop?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to change the HDMI output to input. This is the major reason behind it because the circuitry is designed to use the external adaptor only, and these are entirely different from HDMI input. So yes, it is right to conclude that one cannot make HDMI input on the laptop.

Does the laptop come up with HDMI output?

It only depends on the laptop user have purchased. Over the last half-decade, the laptop comes up with an HDMI port, and it appears to be a longer and thinner version of the USB port. So you need to check it out. Majorly it is there but if it is not then some solutions you need to look for it.

How to establish a connection between PS4 and laptop screen?

When it is about establishing a connection between PS4 and laptop screen as video connection cable and video capture card is required. Check out the steps we have discussed above and make the connection easily. Also, don’t forget to update the software for a better interface and to complete the task in a hassle-free manner.

Without remote play can we access laptop as a monitor for PS4?

If you want to use the laptop as a monitor without remote Play for PS4, then take the HDMI cable and connect PS4 to HDMI output. Along with it, get the capture card to HDMI input. You can check out C-port available on the capture card, which will be supportive for transmitting the video signals to the monitor. Utilize the USB type C to A cable and then make the connections. USB A port into the laptop, and then you are done with it.


PS4 is one of the great sources of entertainment, and there is no doubt people love it. You might be in confusion about how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS4, and we hope right now it has come to an end. If there is something troubling you, do check it out on our portal and get the details. Also, get in touch with us, and we will help you to know the details!

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